Greetings. I am a British-Indian writer and translator based in Japan.  I specialise in stories and features centred around culture, Japan, travel, technology and marketing.

Publications I have written for include South China Morning Post, Kyoto Journal, and Tsunagu Japan. Some samples of my published work can be found here:  Japanese culture, Travel, Japanese food, Japanese music.

Previously, I worked in global marketing agencies in London. I helped international brands tailor their communications so they would be relevant for people. I  spoke at international events about marketing and technology. A sample of my interviews can be found here.

I am a graduate of the Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Warwick in the U.K.

In my personal essays – some of which can be found on this site – I explore slow contemplative travel, traditional and contemporary subculture in Japan, the merge of technology with our modern lives and the importance of having green spaces integrated into urban areas.

I share my favourite hidden places in Japan on Instagram with snippets of local history.

I am a long-time learner of the Japanese language.

I’m always up for hearing about potential opportunities and collaborations so please contact me whenever you like!

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