A Gourmet Journey Through Japan

This multimedia partnership appeared in Kyoto Journal

“For many of Kyoto Journal’s readers who have missed out on a highly-anticipated trip to Japan this year—and all its accompanying culinary delights—we have just the ticket.

The literal translation of the Japanese word kokoro is ‘heart’, but it has a much deeper meaning; representing the spirit, soul, and emotion of something. Kokoro Care Packages aspires to channel this sentiment, crafting care packages of premium-quality, all-natural Japanese foods that feed the soul.

Founded by entrepreneurs, Lillian Hanako Rowlatt and Aki Sugiyama, Kokoro Care Packages are curated with natural products sourced solely from local farmers and producers in Japan. They also contain recipes and background information on the history and culture of the items and their producers. Often made using traditional methods, the noodles, ingredients, condiments, spices, snacks and teas in these packages transport you to different parts of Japan.

The theme of the package varies every month, based around a region or a seasonal flavor. Check out the video below of our unboxing the August Care Package, featuring delicious treats from Kyoto, including yuba and the famous yatsuhashi cookies.


Order now to receive the September box, focussing on the delights of Kyushu island, and in October, the spotlight is on yuzu, a unique citrus fruit from Japan that tastes like a cross between mandarin, lemon and grapefruit.

Whether you are a seasoned chef of Japanese cuisine or still just an enthusiast, Kokoro Care Packages will inspire you to create beautiful Japanese dishes in your own kitchen, wherever you are in the world!”

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