Greetings, and welcome. My name is Sneha Nagesh and I am a writer based in Japan.  I specialise in stories and features centred around Japan, culture, travel, and marketing. I am a graduate of the Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Warwick in the U.K.

Publications I have written for include South China Morning Post, Kyoto Journal, Livemint, and Tsunagu Japan. I have also helped in creating marketing related content for various businesses.  Some samples of my published work can be found here:

In my personal essays – some of which can be found on this site – I explore slow contemplative travel, traditional and contemporary culture in Japan, the merge of technology with our modern lives and the importance of having green spaces integrated into urban areas.

In my work as a marketing professional, I enjoy the intersection between communication, technology, and strategy. A sample of my interviews about marketing can be found here.

In my being, I thrive on reading and learning all the time. I aim to read widely and document some of my findings here. In many ways, this is a documentation of learning about this complex world, one slow bite at a time. There is an aspiration to chew well, considering the elements that one is consuming and the time and energy it took for them to come forth into being.

My interests span nature, literature, philosophy, music, history, languages, design, culture, economics, international relations, politics and more. The main motivation is a search for things that move the spirit and stick in memory – those wholesome things that apparently make it all worth it. However, it takes time and a lot of searching to find things that are truly good. In the search for that which is truly good, I also enjoy examining arbitrary systems and rules that humans have constructed to make daily life more interesting such as grammar or musical notes.

I have lived and worked in India, U.K, and Japan. I bookmark my favourite hidden spaces in Japan with snippets of local history.

I’m always up for hearing about potential opportunities and collaborations so please contact me whenever you like!

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